Lucee object methods reference

Object Method String.listEach

call the given UDF/Closure with every value in the string list.
String.listEach(function closure,[string delimiter,[boolean includeEmptyFields,[boolean multiCharacterDelimiter,[boolean parallel,[number maxThreads]]]]]):void




The arguments for this function are set. You can not use other arguments except the following ones.
Name Type Required Default Value Description
closure function  Yes   function/closure that implements the following constructor [function(any value, numeric index,string list, string delimiter):void].
delimiter string  No , delimiter used to separate the string list
includeEmptyFields boolean  No false include empty fields or not
multiCharacterDelimiter boolean  No true specifying whether the delimiters parameter specifies a multi-character delimiter. If this parameter is true, the delimiters parameter must specify a single delimiter consisting of multiple characters. This parameter enables the ListToArray function to convert a list such as the following to an array of color names: red:|orange:|yellow:|green:|blue:|indigo:|violet.
parallel boolean  No false execute closures parallel
maxThreads number  No 20 maximum number of threads executed, ignored when argument "parallel" is set to false